3.2 Porsche Carrera Top End Rebuild

Summary of my 3.2L Porsche Carrera top end rebuild

After 30 years, the valve guides went on the 911. For those who know the 3.2 Carrera engine, this is the one thing that can go wrong and unfortunately it’s not a cheap fix.

It all started out when I installed the Fabspeed high-flow exhaust system last fall, I would notice a build up of white smoke at a stop (once warm). This, plus the car was starting to burn a quart of oil every 500 miles. I knew it was time for a rebuild. This is a decision when you have to say am I going to keep this car for awhile? If the answer is yes…and mine was yes. Coupled given the overall condition, value and original purchase price I was going to proceed to do the rebuild.

As you will see from the pictures and list below, I decided while the engine was out to go beyond just the valve job. I ended up replacing everything that was old, worn, broken or would eventually go. I mean the engine was coming out and now was the time to do it. Thankfully my pistons were good and other that having to degrease the shit out of the engine, and replace the fan shroud due to cracks the plan stayed on track.

Overall the rebuild took about 10 weeks, including getting the alignment corrected, overall big tune-up and some odometer and steering fixes we needed to make.

Please enjoy some of the build pictures below. If you have any questions please leave a comment and happy to answer any questions.

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  1. Removed engine and transmission
  2. Sandblast and painted engine shrouding
  3. Replaced fan housing due to micro cracks
  4. Replaced valves and guides
  5. Machined heads
  6. Replaced clutch arm helper spring
  7. Repaired wiring insulation
  8. Replaced oil tank suction hose
  9. Replaced cylinder head gasket set
  10. Piston ring set
  11. Degreased transmission
  12. Replaced front and rear crankshaft seals
  13. Replaced release arm spring
  14. New studs, hatch struts and snap rings
  15. Replaced engine sound pad
  16. Installed new spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor
  17. Replaced ignition wire set
  18. Replaced rear hood struts
  19. Installed K&N air filter
  20. Installed new clutch kit
  21. Reinstalled engine
  22. New oil and filter
  23. Replaced oil lines, oil return tube, oil pressure sender and thermostat o-ring
  24. Replaced fuel filter
  25. Replaced speedometer due to failed gears
  26. New rear tires
  27. Replaced rear brake pads and sensors
  28. 4 wheel alignment
  29. Installed new steering wheel
  30. New breather plate gasket, timing rail guide

Special thanks to Chris Radbill Automotive for their amazing attention to detail during this rebuild. Please check them out:


(610) 701-9401
906 Old Fern Hill Road, Unit 6
West Chester, PA 19380

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