About my 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera

I purchased the car in early 2014 from a single owner since 1987 he acquired the car off a lease from Reading Porsche (Dealer #1513 no longer in business). The car was modified to from a the 3.2 Carrera to become a Turbo-Look with widened fenders and iconic “whale tail”. The car was also fitted with the wider rear tires and Turbo headlights to match the factory Turbo Look option. In 2015 I upgrade the exhaust to the Fabspeed sport performance package was installed and in 2016 the top end of the engine was completed redone.



Year 1986 G Program
Make Porsche
Model 911 Carrera
Engine Flat-six, 3.2L, 193.00 cu-in/3,164 cc
Color Black 700 L041 A1
# Produced 9,016 Worldwide (3,469 US)


Engine Factory Modified
TYPE Flat 6
INDUCTION Normally-aspirated Fabspeed Cup Intake
COOLING Air/oil-cooled
EXHAUST  Dansk Fabspeed Sport Maxflo Performance Exhaust System w/Pre-Muffler Catbypass Pipe
VALVETRAIN Single overhead camshaft
INJECTION Port injection
BORE X STROKE 3.74 in/95 mm x 2.93 in/74.4 mm
DISPLACEMENT 193.00 cu-in/3,164 cc
HORSEPOWER 207 @ 5900 rpm  Steve Wong Chip *237 To be dyno’d
TORQUE 192 lb-ft @ 4800 rpm  To be dyno’d
MAX RPM 6560  To be dyno’d
COMPRESSION RATIO 9.5:1  To be dyno’d
Transmission  Factory  Modified
TRANSMISSION 5-speed manual
Chassis  Factory  Modified
TYPE Rear-engined, rear-wheel drive
CURB WEIGHT 2,866 lbs.
HEIGHT 51.97 in/1,320 mm
GROUND CLEARANCE 4.72 in/120 mm
LENGTH 168.94 in/4,291 mm
WHEELBASE 89.45 in/2,272 mm
WIDTH 64.96 in/1,650 mm
TRACK FRONT 54.02 in/1,372 mm
TRACK REAR 54.33 in/1,380 mm
WHEEL SIZE FRONT 15 x 6 16 x 8 (+factory 1″ spacers)
WHEEL SIZE REAR 15 x 7 16 x 9 (+factory 1″ spacers)
TIRE SIZE FRONT 185/50VR-15 Toyo Proxies 225/50VR-16
TIRE SIZE REAR 215/45VR-15 Toyo Proxies 245/45VR-16
Bakes  Factory  Modified
DISC TYPE FRONT/REAR Ventilated discs
DISC SIZE FRONT 11.12 in/282.5 mm x .94 in/24 mm
DISC SIZE REAR 11.42 in/290 mm x .94 in/24 mm
Performance  Factory  Modified
0 TO 60 MPH 5.6  To be dyno’d
TOP SPEED 152 mph  To be dyno’d
Fuel  Factory  Modified
FUEL TANK CAPACITY 22.5 U.S. gallons
REQUIRED OCTANE Regular unleaded (87+)  93 Octane