Porsche Factory Visit from 1986

Came across this vintage video from Porsche factory visit from 1986. Focusing on the 911 Carrera 3.2 Engine, Upholstery, and Body Works. Enjoy!  

Hibernating black bear wakes up

Old man winter doesn’t want to let up in the northeast. However, I really had the itch to fire up the 911 and stretch her legs. Here are a few new winter shots to enjoy.

Winter is a knocking

Probably one of the last get out and drive Saturday’s before Winter sets in. Here are a few shots I took today of my 1986 Porsche 911. Enjoy!

Chilly Garage Shots

I was playing around with some lighting today, since the weather is freezing. I’m not the greatest camera man but I do enjoy the hobby. Here were the shots I think turned out the best.          

Working on new logo

Version 3 – think this is the final rev Version 2 – digging this much more Working on my vector skills tonight, whatcha think of this shield logo? Might try some detail in wheels and different angle or car maybe […]