Optimum Car Wax and Opt-Seal on Porsche 911

Special thanks to The Bearded Detailer and his Bearded Camera for the full detail and photoshoot. My 86 Porsche 911 was compounded and polished, the entire car was waxed with Optimum Car Wax and then sealed with Opti-Seal. This will […]

Upgrade standard bulbs to LED for aircooled Porsche

In a follow-up post here LED brake lights I decided to upgrade all of the turn signals to LEDs. Here are some photos of the retrofit LED installation, you can grab a set over at SpokeWorks Custom LED Solutions (Made […]

3.2 Porsche 911 Carrera Fabspeed Exhaust Video

Special thanks to The Bearded Camera with the help with this video, please check him out! In my previous posts the Fabspeed Sport Performance Package is installed. As much as I love photos, needed to put together a small video to […]

Fabspeed Sport Performance Package Installed

The Wide911 is back from Fabspeed Motorsport based in Fort Washington, PA. The Porsche 911 Carrera Sport Performance Package was installed. Here are a few photos of the new single oulet Maxflo performance exhaust, catbypass pipe and CUP airbox cover. The DME […]

Going under the knife at Fabspeed Motorsports

After almost 30 years, the Wide 911 is in need of some exhaust work. Rather than going stock again, I have chosen the Porsche 911 Carrera Sport Performance Package by Fabspeed. My SC is a single outlet so the right side will be capped. […]

LED Brake Lights

One of the big things that old cars don’t have is today’s modern safety. I rarely do not drive at night with the 911 however, there are times when leaving a car show late or an event where dusk sets […]

Custom European License Plate

I was recently looking to get a new front license plate for my 1986 Porsche 911. I had always been a fan of the europlate look if installed right. I started searching around to see what it might look like […]

eBay Porsche Caliper Decals

Spring is finally here, this was the first week I actually got to drive the 911. I think I would take a sunny pollen-filled day vs. cold and rainy. I also cleaned up a few things on the car as […]

Replacing 28 year old speakers

After 28 years parts and components just start to break down. I took out all the original Blaupunkt speakers in the car, as you can see they just didn’t have much left to them. I replaced with all new components […]