Custom European License Plate

I was recently looking to get a new front license plate for my 1986 Porsche 911. I had always been a fan of the europlate look if installed right. I started searching around to see what it might look like on the car and if I could make my own. Enter Custom European Plates I found their site after searching for the best quality, price and customer service.
They have an easy to use website that allows you to pick your colors, plate style, text and hardware installation needs.

I am a big fan of keeping everything integrated in automotive design. So I was super happy to see they offered black background with chrome lettering. It was a perfect match! Custom European Plates also offered the exact Stuttgart Seal Set (Home of Porsche & Mercedes).
I was unsure on how best to install and what hardware was needed so I emailed their customer service. Within a matter of hours I received a response answering my questions with recommendations on what mounting hardware they recommend I use.
After placing my order online I received my plate, frame and mounting hardware in mint condition within just a few days. I could not be more happy with the service and quality. I highly recommend Custom European Plates!
Here are some pictures of the quality of the europlate and easy installation.
Step by step installation guide provided along with all the different hardware and 3M dual lock


German license plate, black background with black decal, chrome lettering plus Stuttgart seal set


Pro tip: Mark the exact location of your mounting hole with blue painters tape so it’s super easy to lineup


Universal mounting frame, which was FREE with purchase of the europlate


Europlate snaps right into place


I had an extra WIDE 911 decal lying around so I decided to place on the bottom frame mount


Final installation – total time 10 minutes