LED Brake Lights

One of the big things that old cars don’t have is today’s modern safety. I rarely do not drive at night with the 911 however, there are times when leaving a car show late or an event where dusk sets in. As most old bulb driven tail lights brakes lights are hard to see.

I found on Pelican Parts for sale a retrofit┬áLED Brake Boards┬áhere are a few pics that show the quality of these made in the USA boards. Pics don’t do the justice, but they are at least six times brighter than the old standard bulb. Can’t wait to replace the turn signals as well, bright is better!

(LEFT: Standard Bulb, RIGHT LEDs)
Position frames to properly set the PCBs
LED Board plug & play
Sets in perfectly with (4) small set screws
Lit up
Hard to capture a photo but they are 5x brighter and 3x brighter when brake lights are on