Upgrade standard bulbs to LED for aircooled Porsche

In a follow-up post here LED brake lights I decided to upgrade all of the turn signals to LEDs. Here are some photos of the retrofit LED installation, you can grab a set over at SpokeWorks Custom LED Solutions (Made in USA). If you are concerned with other drivers not seeing your Porsche and want to make your old bulbs become 6x times brighter and more visible I’d highly recommend this.

In addition to replacing the bulbs you will need a LED flasher otherwise they will blink super fast. I also replaced the weather stripped and switched out my turn signal amber lenses with clear ones from Eckler’s Automotion. Then finally changed out my clear fogs to yellow.

Parts list
911 Reverse Boards (pair)
911 Rear Sidemarker Boards RED (pair)
911 Rear Turnsignal Boards RED (pair)
911 Front Turnsignal Boards AMBER (pair)
Tridon EP26 Flasher
(2) Front Turn & Side European Lenses, For 930, 911/912 Porsche®, 1974-1989
Porsche® Taillight Lens Seal, Left Rear, 911, 912, 930, 1969-1989
Porsche® Right Rear Taillight Lens Seal, 911, 912, 930, 1969-1989
Fog Lamp Lens (Amber, Front Right)
Fog Lamp Lens (Amber, Front Left)
(2) License Plate Light

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